Red Grange part 7

This is the last part in a series of stories on the NFL legend Red Grange. He was a modest player whose speed and agility combined with size and strength, made him the first player to play football professionally for a large sum of money. His contract with the Chicago Bears was for 3 years and $100,000. After he retired from football he was an assistant coach, an insurance salesman, and a TV-radio broadcaster for 10 years. He is the most pivotal figure in pro football history because of how he entered the league.

Red Grange part 6

Red Grange and the Bears embarked on a 9 game barnstorming tour from December 25, 1925 to January 31, 1926. They played games in the states of Florida, Louisiana, California, Oregon and Washington. They won 8 of 9 games in a span of 2 months, thus solidifying Grange’s main attraction to Pro football.

Red Grange part 5

Red Grange was an important player for the Chicago Bears. He was the first and only player signed to play professional football with the help of CC Pyle and George Halas for 50 percent of all gate tickets. His salary was $100,000. the highest paid pro football athlete of his era. This episode focuses on his performance with the Bears in 1925.